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6 of the Most Coveted Gifts for Music Lovers

Sonos play 5 and turntable

Got a music fanatic on your list? This is great news, since there are thousands of amazing gifts for music lovers and the most discerning fans out there. Whether it’s a limited-edition copy of his or her favorite album, a piece of premium sound equipment or a couple of tickets to a bucket list show, you can bank on earning yourself some serious gift-giving points when you give anything from this list.…

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Audio News

Sonos Finally Goes Truly Wireless

Sonos may not have started the wireless speaker revolution, but they darn near perfected it. With an iconic design, an intuitive app, and unprecedented audio quality over a wireless connection, Sonos speakers set the standard to which every latecomer has aspired. They became the de facto example of a “wireless speaker,” with one caveat—you still needed to plug it into a power outlet. So while your Sonos One or Sonos Five might…

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TVs & Electronics Videos

Sonos Beam vs Playbar Soundbar Comparison

When the Sonos Playbar first launched, it was the company’s first foray into the popular category of soundbar speakers. The Playbar combined the typical soundbar form factor with Sonos’ renowned wireless audio technology, giving the speaker an advantage over its non-connected competitors; the wireless functionality meant the Playbar worked marvelously as a stand-alone speaker, great for streaming your music library and not just accompanying your movies or TV shows. Earlier this year,…

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Abt-Solutely Essential Back to School Giveaway

We know that going back to school or going away for the first time can be stressful for both your mind and your wallet. And while we can’t be there to help you ace your first test or tidy up your room, we can help make your transition easier by giving you the chance to win one of our three different “Abt-solutely Essential Back to School” giveaway packages. The Student Enthusiast grand…

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Home Theater Internet of Things News

Sonos Beam Smart Soundbar Announced

The Sonos Beam brings smarts to your home theater setup. When Sonos launched their first product in 2005, they didn’t just release an impressive new gadget, they basically created an entirely new audio device subcategory: the hi-fidelity wireless speaker. Sonos proved that you didn’t need wires to enjoy high-quality audio, and you didn’t need to go broke doing it wirelessly. Since then, the wireless audio industry has seen countless competitors, and to…

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Abt Exclusive Contests

The Abt Bracket Challenge is Back!

We’re one week into March, which is the most exciting time of the year for college basketball fans across the country. That’s right, the madness is back. And with it comes the Abt Bracket Challenge, your chance to put your college hoops expertise to the test, for a chance to win some killer prizes. If you’ve done a bracket challenge before, you know what’s up. If this is your first time, it’s…

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Abt Exclusive

Abt Cyber Monday Sale is On!

The Abt Cyber Monday Sale is here! If you didn’t score the deals you’d hoped on Black Friday, this is your chance to get all the gadgets on your shopping list. Look for special savings on some of our hottest products, like $100 off the SONOS Playbar or Playbase, or $25 off the new SONOS One. Or, prep for a productive new year with $230 savings on a Microsoft Surface Pro and…

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Abt Exclusive Home Tips

What Is the Internet of Things?

We’re all familiar with the Internet, which connects our computers, smartphones and tablets to others around the world—it’s how you’re reading this blog right now. But lately, you may have been hearing more about the Internet of Things, a concept that’s been steadily gaining buzz over the last few years. What is the Internet of Things? That’s what we’re here to learn today. If the Internet connects computers to each other and…

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Abt Exclusive Home Theater News Products

Abt Knows Sonos Wireless

Sonos Wireless Music Speakers at Abt We always like to keep our showroom changing, making room for popular products and giving our in-store customers something new to see on return visits. Our newest addition is a corner display devoted solely to sonic streaming superstars Sonos, who have been taking the audio world by storm lately. Abt is proud to host the first Sonos Flagship Display in the US. The Sonos system is…

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Abt Exclusive

Sonos Showcases PLAYBAR & More at Wrigley Event

This weekend, SONOS threw together a private party with Chicago’s finest bloggers and media representatives to showcase their newest SONOS products. The PLAYBAR and PLAY:3 were put to the test and showed off their impressive sound and booming bass. SONOS rep demos the PLAYBAR & PLAY:3 We were all there at a Wrigley Field loft to watch the Chicago Cubs play the Milwaukee Brewers. While the Cubbies were actually playing out in…

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