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CES 2018: LG’s Cute, Conceptual Robots Help with Your Chores

Every day, robots and robotic devices find their way deeper into our lives. Often, we think of robots as cold, menacing machines built to do the most arduous tasks. LG had a different idea, as evidenced by the troupe of conceptual service robots they showed off at CES. Each of the three robots is designed to fulfill a different service task in a commercial or hospitality environment. The Serving Robot was created…

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One Step Closer to An Uncontrollable Robo Army

As if humans haven’t gotten enough of being¬†proverbially¬†slapped by intelligent robots, computer manufacturer and research company IBM has created a microchip that mimics the brain functions of humans. You read that correctly. ¬†According to IBM, “inside the (human) brain, information is processed in parallel, and computation and memory are entwined.” The IBM researchers have built and tested two demonstration chips that store and process information in a way that mimics a natural…

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