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Celebrate Earth Day with Abt

illustration of planet earth with text that reads "celebrate earth day April 22"

Tomorrow is Earth Day, the perfect chance for us to give back to the planet and do some good. If you know anything about Abt, you know that we’re an earth-conscious company always trying to reduce our environmental impact. We’ve been recognized for our efforts and hope to set an example for other retailers looking to make the world a little better. Do you want to get on board with going green?…

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Abt Recycling Stats: How We Go Green

abt recycling center with Abt trucks in bays against a cloudy blue sky

Earth Day is just a few weeks away, but going green is a year-round commitment at Abt. Solar panels, EV charging stations and our massive recycling center empower us to make the best decisions for our company and our planet. The Abt Recycling Center helps us reduce tons of waste and is a great resource for customers, too. Yes, you can recycle your old televisions and appliances with Abt. Or maybe you’ve…

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#TBT Earth Day Now & Then: Recycling Electronics & More

Happy Earth Day banner from Abt

Earth Day has rolled around once more thanks to the ever-rotating planet we live on and love! At Abt we always work to live every day like it’s Earth Day, whether that means recycling electronics, choosing greener energy or ditching disposable plastics in favor of reusable materials. This time we’re celebrating one day early in favor of a Throwback Thursday, and we’d like to showcase a WGN video from over twelve years…

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Earth Day is Every Day

This Saturday is Earth Day, a day to celebrate the environment and explore ways that we can all do more for the earth. And though Earth Day is only a single day on the calendar, we believe it’s a way of thinking worth implementing wherever possible in your everyday life. One of the main tenets of Abt’s overall philosophy is a strong commitment to the environment. In every part of the business, our impact on…

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Visit the Easter Bunny Tomorrow from 12-4pm

Don’t forget to visit Abt tomorrow between 12-4. The Easter bunny hops out of the atrium at 4 to get ready for Sunday.   A group of 5-8 year olds from Mother’s Touch day care visited Abt today. These lucky kids got to see the interactive butterfly display, the recycling center, the security office, a water show at the fountain in the atrium, and if that wasn’t cool enough, they got to…

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Do You Have E-Waste?

Do you know what e-waste is or how to dispose of it? Well, like a lot of people, I thought that it was email, spam, and the like. I thought that it was easy to get rid of by hitting delete. I was wrong. E-waste is quite tangible and is causing huge disposal problems in many places all over the world. South Africa, China, and India are probably suffering the worst. E-waste…

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It's Big Business Saving the World

Abt believes environmental responsibility isn’t just the job of individuals. Abt makes a conscious effort, each day, to make the world a greener place than it was the day before. ABC7 visited Abt on Friday to see how a large corporation can impact the environment in a positive way.  “We’ve put in place a solar panel array on our roofs [and] wind turbines. And we’ve just started selling solar and wind power as…

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Abt is A Green Giant in the Retail World

Abt Electronics and their green initiatives were featured on WGN News Monday, September 21. If you missed it, view the segment here. In it, Mike Abt spoke about the West School in Glencoe, our recycling center and the steps that Abt takes everyday to make their environmental impact as small as possible. Recently, Abt installed solar panels on the roof of West School. Abt has begun to install solar panels and windmills…

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