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Safety and Sanitation Tech from CES 2021

razer project hazel n95 mask

CES is one top showcases of consumer trends, so it’s no surprise to see tons of sanitation tech being shown off this year. While last spring saw a surge in improvised PPE and sanitation products, we’ve now been weathering the pandemic long enough for brands to have developed some high-tech options. We already mentioned the smart appliances with incidental sanitation features built in, like the LG Instaview fridge with a UV light…

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CES 2012: Portable Video Gamers Rejoice With Razer’s Project Fiona Tablet

Gaming peripheral company Razer is developing a tablet on steroids to target video game lovers. Unveiled at CES, the Project Fiona PC gaming tablet is targeted for release in the fourth quarter of 2012. Twin joystick controller handles on each side of the tablet provide for additional gameplay options beyond current touch-screen tapping. Fiona will include touch capability and built-in accelerometers for motion sensing.  “It will run your high-end PC games and Angry…

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CES 2011: Winding Down…

Nintendo showed off their 3D handheld gaming system. Scheduled to be released in March, users can switch on and off the 3D gaming effect for their gameplay. Next is Samsung’s flexible phone screen.  For select models, the The 4.5-inch screen has an impressive WVGA (800×480 pixel) resolution that is bendable and extremely thin, measuring at less than 0.3mm thick. Finally, the manufacturer Razer revealed their concept touch-screen portable gaming device named Switchblade.  The unit…

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