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CES CES 2022

CES 2022: Sony Announces PlayStation VR2

playstation vr2 announcement screen

The CES 2022 coverage continues on The Bolt! Today, Sony announced their newest PlayStation VR headset and VR controllers to take virtual gaming to new heights. Sony seeks to “[explore] new technology that unlocks new entertainment experiences” and that virtual reality is central to making that happen. Sony’s next generation VR system for PS5 will be called PlayStation VR2 and the next-gen controllers are called PlayStation VR2 Sense Controllers. Additionally, a new…

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Enter To Win a PlayStation 5 at Abt!

PS5 Giveaway At Abt

The newest generation of video game consoles has been hard to find in stores ever since launch due to international shipping slowdowns and microchip shortages. But we’re giving one lucky winner the holiday gift they’ve been dreaming of since, well, last holiday season. Enter for a chance to win a disc version of the Sony PlayStation 5 from Abt. Please note that we currently do not have this product in stock and…

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Top 5 TVs for Next-Gen Gaming Consoles

With full details of the Xbox Series X & S and the PlayStation 5 now officially announced, it’s an exciting time to be a gamer. And with all of the cards on the table, eager gamers can start preparing for those next-gen consoles by making sure their entire setup fully supports these consoles’ advanced features. The first task? Making sure your TV is ready for next-gen gaming. We asked our TV expert…

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PlayStation 5 Finally Revealed

sony playstation 5

The PlayStation 5 is here. Well, sort of. In today’s PS5 event, Sony gave the world its first official look at the upcoming next-generation video game console—and it was quite a look. It’s safe to say that the PlayStation 5 looks like no other gaming console has before. After the reveal of the PS5’s white DualSense Controller earlier this year, it was clear that the brand was going in a different look…

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