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Halloween Party Ideas for Kids, Adults & Families

Halloween in 2021 promises to be a night of spooky happenings, trick-or-treating across the neighborhood, and costumes galore. This year the beloved holiday falls on a weekend, making it the perfect time to plan a ghoulish gathering and invite all your local witches and warlocks. That means its time to start planning your last-minute weekend get-together. Whether you’re hosting the neighborhood kids after trick-or-treating or inviting your best friends over for a…

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How to Keep Food Warm for a Party

buffet food being warmed in foil trays

Serving up food at the perfect temperature is a true science, one that requires careful planning, strong time management skills and a proven track record of strategic thinking. But if you’ve got a dozen dishes to juggle and as many guests to entertain, whether your food comes out hot, warm or ice cold is the last thing that you should be worried about. But learning the following tips for how to keep…

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