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LG at CES 2022: Improved OLED Screens & More

LG One:QuickFlex CES 2022

CES 2022 kicked off with a bang with their annual CES Unveiled session on January 3rd, showing off experimental tech and fun inventions. Meanwhile, LG CEO William (Joo Wan) Cho presented some of the newest devices that will be taking the new year by storm from their brand. The LG digital World Premiere featured an expanse of groundbreaking technology, from he ultra-bright AI-powered OLED evo Gallery Edition TV to extra-effective air filters…

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CES TVs & Electronics

LG Rollable OLED Screen Smartphone Teased at CES 2021

If there’s one thing we’ve come to expect from LG at CES, it’s at least one wild display that seems to bend—sometimes literally—the rules of physics. There was the transparent OLED TV in 2019, the massive OLED “Wave Wall” last year, and the LG Signature OLED R rollable TV that actually hit the market late 2020. This year, the company is taking their big ideas and applying them to the small screen,…

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CES 2019 Home Theater TVs & Electronics

CES 2019: Sony Z9G 8K LED TV and A9G OLED TV


CES is always full of surprises, but one thing you can always expect is the big brands showing up ready to rock. It’s why we love visiting the Sony booth every year. They always bring their most bleeding-edge products, whether it’s conceptual products or market-ready models—and this year it was both. Most buzzworthy? The new MASTER Series Sony Z9G 8K TV. A favorite of home theater aficionados around the world, the Sony…

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TVs & Electronics Videos

Sony Master Series TVs Compared

Our first look at the new, eagerly-awaited Sony A9F OLED and Z9F LED TVs. Since their official announcement this summer—and even before that, as word first hit the tech rumor mills—the Sony Master Series televisions have been the most highly-anticipated TV releases since perhaps the debut of Sony’s first OLED set, the A1E. A new designation for Sony, the Master Series moniker is applied to TVs that feature the absolute best of…

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News TVs & Electronics

Sony Master Series TVs Announced: A9F OLED and Z9F LED

While not the best-kept secret to anyone who follows tech rumors, today Sony unveiled a pair of new televisions that will sit atop their product lineup: the A9F OLED TV and the Z9F LED TV. These flagship “Master Series” TVs leverage all of Sony’s most advanced technologies to offer reference levels of image quality, and are packed with other features that make them not just the best Sony TVs available, but arguably…

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CES 2018 Home Theater

CES 2018: LG’s 8-Series OLED TVs

LG took a major leap in the TV world when they brought the first commercially-available OLED TV to market. Their OLED TVs stunned viewers with unbelievably realistic picture quality, and a panel thinness that seemed to defy physics. In the years since, they’ve honed both aspects of their OLED displays, and at CES we got a look at what they have in store for the future of the technology. First up is…

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CES 2018 Home Theater

CES 2018: Sony A8F OLED and Sony X900F LED TVs

In a show full of surprises, one of the things we can always count on at CES is that we’re going to see some killer Sony TVs, both market-ready and conceptual models. This year was no exception. On our visit to the Sony booth, we got a closer look at some of their upcoming LED and OLED TVs. New for 2018 are the Sony X900F series LED TVs, which replace the current…

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Abt Exclusive CES 2017 Videos

CES 2017: Sony Bravia A1E OLED TVs

Since the debut of the first mass-market OLED TVs by LG a few years ago, the entire industry has been waiting for a second major player to start implementing the technology into their high-end TV lines. Sony had previously shown an OLED concept at CES, but it never made it to market. This year, they came out with guns blazing, revealing a new OLED set that just might be the most beautiful…

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Abt Exclusive

Samsung OLED TVs and the World’s Largest 4K TV

Samsung OLED TVs and More at CES CES 2013— Samsung swung for the fences at CES this year, showcasing an assortment of very impressive HDTVs, among other things. Attendees entering the Samsung booth were first greeted by a trio of the company’s new 85-inch 4K HDTV. Besting the competition’s 4K TVs by an inch of screen real estate, the Samsung S9 is now the world’s largest 4K TV. The ultramodern “Timeless Gallery”…

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Abt @ CES 2012: Samsung Wows With Displays, Gadgets and More!

As usual, Samsung goes all out when showing off their products to consumers at CES 2012.  The above image is what Samsung rolled out for their entrance to their exhibit.  Looks larger than life. Samsung shows off this incredible display composed of dozens of their flat-screen TVs.  They definitely spared no expense with this one. The new Samsung Ultimate TV Super OLED Sensation is incredibly thin you can barely see it.  Hopefully…

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