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Technologist Tuesday: Technology Forecast

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

josh davis-technologist

Welcome to the Abt Electronics technology forecast.  I’m your Technologist, Josh Davis.  There’s lots of change in the air so let’s get to it.  We’ve got a massive eruption of new Google product and software on its way from Mountain View, CA.  The new OS 4.4 Kit Kat will really hit the Smartphone and tablet industries hard.  You’ll also see the excitement of the new LG Nexus 5 Smartphone & Asus Nexus 10 Tablet last all throughout the week and into Tuesday.

Come Tuesday we’ll have a 99% chance of a new iPad series announced alongside the new Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks  and maybe even a sprinkling of new Macs.  The fog Apple’s announcement cast should clear just in time for those that bought their just released Microsoft Surface 2 & Surface 2 Pro tablets.  However, just when you think this technology typhoon is going to give, Nikon’s new D610 and Asus’s Transformer Book T100 are going to appear all throughout the country followed by a seriously needed and much anticipated update to Windows 8.  You can expect to see a great deal of sunshine and smiling faces when Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 (free for Windows 8 users) brings backs millions of start buttons on PCs across the country.  Right when windows users feel the warmth of familiarity, a front of new Windows hardware will sweep across the nation.  A slew of Nokia & other company Windows phones and tablets will be on all our radars.

And now, your extended forecast: November should start off with heavy amounts of preorder customers receiving their new Fitbit Force bands, HTC One Max & LG’s new G2 Smartphones.  Still within early November, Apple’s new products will temporarily flood the market followed by frustrating availability conditions prior to holidays and possibly lasting into January.  Meanwhile, Microsoft’s new Xbox One and Sony’s new PlayStation 4 will be the talk of the town.  These systems haven’t seen a refresh for 7-8 years!  We can all most definitely expect large scale parental fighting spread like wildfire across the US deep into the holiday shopping season.

You’re umbrellas are going to have to be made out of cash to weather this storm.

Good Luck,

The Technologist

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Technologist tuesday- iPad Rumor Roundup

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

josh davis-technologist

To make sure you’re up to date, here’s a current iPad overview:

Today’s full size iPad is known as the 4th generation iPad.  It is the only Apple product to feature the Oct. 2012 A6X processor.  This processor has twice the speed and twice the graphics as its predecessor the A5X (iPad 3rd Generation).  These iPads hit our shelves November 2012.  The iPad 4th generation has a 9.7” screen and comes in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB & 128GB capacities. They are due for an upgrade.

When these full size iPads came out, a new iPad was also launched:  The iPad Mini.  The iPad Mini features the A5 processor (same as the new iPod Touch).  The iPad Mini has a 7.9” screen and comes in 16GB, 32GB & 64GB capacities.  They are also due for an upgrade.

What should we expect these upgrades to be?

No one ever really knows what Apple will unveil.  Apple has been criticized of quickly losing themselves as the mainstream, innovative leader they became.  That’s debatable.  There’s no doubt that Apple’s 2013 business year hasn’t exactly shocked the consumer electronics world with a new successful product line or major update (yet).  However, there’s one thing that Apple has always done well.  They know how to keep a secret.   The following information is a result of scouring Apple rumor websites and looking to the internet to shed some light on what we should expect to see in the next week or so.


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The Scoop: Apple iPad & iPad Mini Event

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

New iPad: Apple announced a 4th generation iPad at it’s event in San Jose, California today. It’s essentially a hardware refresh for Apple’s 3rd gen tablet, as it packs a new A6X processor, dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, a 720p Facetime camera round front and the new image processor found in the iPhone 5.  It also gets the reversible Lightning port that debuted on on the iPhone 5, and will be available in both black and white.

iPad Mini: The 1,024 x 768 resolution is the same as the iPad 2.  Given the specs and price, this is definitely to be the newest entry-level for Apple tablets.  Even though it has a smaller screen, Apps should work just fine as they did on  bigger screen. It is going to be 7.2mm thick, weighing .68 pounds device has been manufactured with an “all new” process that gives it the same anodized edges as you’ll find on the iPhone 5.

Since it is considered entry-level, don’t expect a huge powerhouse performance.  They stocked it with the Apple A5 Chip which everyone is already familiar with.  This looks like a good choice for those who haven’t entered the tablet market and are just getting started.

Next Generation iMac: The new iMac gets super sleek with a slim design.  Measuring at just 5mm thick the screen sizes remain the same and include both a 21.5-inch, 1080p model and a 27-inch, 2,560 x 1,400 model.  To the dismay of Apple fans, they do not come in retina display. They share 720p-capable front cameras with dual mics as well as NVIDIA’s GeForce 600-era graphics, up to 32GB of RAM and a variety of possible storage options, topping out at 3TB.

Check back with Abt.com to see the latest news from Apple and when you can buy all the above goodies.

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Survey Reveals Feelings of New and Returning iPad Users

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Credit: ChangeWave

A recent survey conducted by ChangeWave Research revealed the true feelings of iPad owners of all kinds. 82 percent of new iPad users said they were very satisfied with their new toy, while the remaining 12 percent were just somewhat satisfied, and none claimed complete dissatisfaction. The survey also revealed that the new high-resolution display topped the list of favorite features, and the high cost of the tablet was the most disliked feature.

So 82 percent of new users were very satisfied? I guess I would be very satisfied too with my shiny new tablet without having any experience with previous models. Honestly, if we valued these statistics across all markets the phrase “Best Hotdog in Chicago” would simply be a measure of how many hotdog virgins you could pack into one room.

The number we, as critical consumers of technology, should concern ourselves with is the amount of very satisfied returning users. These users know every inch, feature, and function of the iPad and qualify as informed analysts.   74 percent of returning users self-identified as very satisfied meaning, despite bad WiFi connection and overheating rumors; consumers still feel that their new iPad is an improvement on the previous iPad 2 model.

What do you think? As consumers we have the most powerful voice in the conversation. What features really stand out to you and which do you really want to say in future models. Get creative, this product fiends for a little innovation and maybe one of you can spark it.


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The New iPad Release Date Has Arrived!

Friday, March 16th, 2012

The highly anticipated New iPad hits stores shelves today!  At Abt Electronics, we have a small shipment and will be honoring orders for customers who come into our store.  We will be taking orders over the phone at 888-228-5800, and will fulfill them as quickly as we can as more units become available.

If you purchased an iPad 2 not too long ago and are beginning to regret your decision, visit our Abt Trade-In program page to see how much you can get for that old iPad 2, then use the extra money for the New iPad.  It’s that simple!

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