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Sony X90J vs LG Nano90 – 4K LED TVs Compared

sony x90j vs lg nano90

These days, a consumer shopping for a new 4K TV has seemingly countless options from which to choose. In fact, there’s so much choice that it can be overwhelming There are multiple display technologies, dozens of alien-sounding features, and prices that range from “a month’s worth of lattes” to “down payment on a single family home.” Shoppers that aren’t committed to a particular brand and who don’t get too caught up in…

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Abt Exclusive

Safety and Sanitation Tech from CES 2021

razer project hazel n95 mask

CES is one top showcases of consumer trends, so it’s no surprise to see tons of sanitation tech being shown off this year. While last spring saw a surge in improvised PPE and sanitation products, we’ve now been weathering the pandemic long enough for brands to have developed some high-tech options. We already mentioned the smart appliances with incidental sanitation features built in, like the LG Instaview fridge with a UV light…

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Appliances CES Internet of Things Kitchen

Smart Kitchen Appliance Innovations from CES 2021

lg air sous vide range instaview ces

While CES has always been a place for TVs, smartphones, and other tech gadgets to shine, kitchen appliances also get their share of the spotlight. This is increasingly true as the lines between electronics and appliances blur, and the once simple products in your kitchen room continue to get smarter. After all, these days, it’s not hard to find a fridge that has the same capabilities as a high-end smartphone or tablet.…

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CES TVs & Electronics

LG Rollable OLED Screen Smartphone Teased at CES 2021

If there’s one thing we’ve come to expect from LG at CES, it’s at least one wild display that seems to bend—sometimes literally—the rules of physics. There was the transparent OLED TV in 2019, the massive OLED “Wave Wall” last year, and the LG Signature OLED R rollable TV that actually hit the market late 2020. This year, the company is taking their big ideas and applying them to the small screen,…

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TVs & Electronics

New LG OLED TVs Announced at CES 2021

lg oled tvs 2021

With their usually stunning booth design, wild concept products, and actual product announcements, we’ve come to expect quite a show from LG at CES each year. And while we are missing the in-person experience in 2021, we’re still excited by the new LG OLED TVs announced this year. LG “OLED Evo” Technology LG First up, a promising refinement to the highly-regarded lineup of LG OLED TVs. LG has undoubtedly been the industry…

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CES CES 2020 Computers Video Games

CES 2020: LG 48CX OLED Gaming Display


We’ve seen the new LG OLED TVs, as well as the company’s new gaming monitors, but this model sits somewhere in between those worlds. The LG 48CX OLED is technically a TV, but it does PC monitor things so well that it’s bound to become the most lusted-after gaming monitor of the year. LG’s OLED displays have always been ideal for gaming, with vibrant colors, insane contrast ratios, and great response time.…

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CES CES 2020 Computers Video Games

CES 2020: LG UltraGear Gaming Monitors

LG gaming monitors CES 2020

Gamers will enjoy the news that many of LG’s upcoming televisions have gaming-specific optimizations implemented, but most of those sets are too large (and expensive) to be realistically used as a gaming monitor. A better choice would be one of the many dedicated gaming monitors that LG displayed at this year’s CES. These models fall under the UltraGear model line, and all feature a variety of technologies that make them excellent choices…

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Appliances CES CES 2020 Internet of Things Kitchen

CES 2020: LG Opens The Door On New Smart Home Technology

LG Smart Door CES 2020

In 1989, ‘Back to the Future II’ introduced us to the world of tomorrow. Although, “tomorrow” meant 2015 back then. Here we are five years later in the real world and actual hoverboards, flying cars, and self-drying jackets still aren’t commercially available. However, at this year’s CES, LG has introduced us to some new technology that takes us one step closer to bringing the McFly’s Lyon Estates home to life (minus a…

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LG Brings Cookies and Tasty Treats to Abt

The internet’s most beloved food network is coming to Abt! Next month, our friends from LG are rolling into town with the Tasty mobile kitchen, and they’ll be giving you the opportunity to become the star of your very own Tasty video. All afternoon-long, product specialists will be demonstrating the features of LG’s newest double ovens. In addition to packing in more cooking capacity than any other oven in their class, these…

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Audio Home Theater Videos

LG SL10YG and Samsung HW-Q80R Soundbars Compared

LG SL10YG vs Samsung HWQ80R soundbar comparison review

It’s no secret that today’s ultra-thin TVs tend to lack in audio quality—this is an unfortunate side effect of their shrinking profiles. So, in order to get the most out of movie night, some sort of supplementary speaker system is just about mandatory. A surround sound system greatly improves the cinematic experience, bringing the feel of the theater into your own home. Unfortunately, setting up and subsequently using a high-tech audio system…

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