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Lots of Memory in a Small Package

Lacie, known for their computer hard drives and memory sticks, have come out with a great convenient new product: the Lacie iamaKey. This USB hard drive, looks and feels just like any key you would find on your key chain. The Lacie iamaKey (get it?) comes in 8GB in a sturdy metal, scratch resistant key shape.  It is big enough for tons of music, documents, or even a few movies.  This is…

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Stay Safe With A Hard Drive Backup

Last night I got a call from a good friend of mine who sounded frantic on the other end. She explained to me that the computer she uses every day in her college courses started making this strange noise. There was a constant “clicking” sound coming from her hard drive every time the unit would boot up. The computer would not even make it to the home screen.  Being experienced with computers…

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