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Abt’s Holiday Gift Spotlight: Sous Vide

Sous Vide Holiday Spotlight

Continuing with last week’s theme of shining a spotlight on potential gifts for the home chef, we’re showcasing the latest trend in home cooking for the holidays: sous vide. Cooking food sous vide (or “under vacuum”) first started in France in the 70’s, all with the goal of keeping as much flavor in the dish as possible. When that first foie gras was served, it had managed to retain more flavorful fat…

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Make Seltzer Water at Home with the Aarke Carbonator 3

aarke carbonator

One of the most popular beverage trends of the last decade has been the emergence of flavored seltzer water as a preferred refreshment. What used to be the butt of jokes or a last-resort choice has now become the drink du jour. Walk into any grocery store and the selection of flavored seltzer waters equals that of traditional soft drinks. They’re available in countless flavors (however weak those might be), in all…

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