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Technologist Tuesday: Consumer Cloud

Ironically, the sources of all cloud-based services are giant data centers plastered to the Earth.  However, the obvious “cloud” element to these services resides in their wireless capabilities.  Do you own an iPhone, Android or Windows phone? Do you have important information stored on your home computers?  If you do, Apple, Google or Microsoft and many cloud based backup companies offer you a grocery list of cloud services.  These cloud-based services have…

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Abt Exclusive

Big Apple Announcement Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, September 10th around 11 am Central Time, Apple will be hosting a big event in Cupertino. Many are anticipating the new generation iPhone, as well as some additional Apple goodies. What do you think will be on the docket for tomorrow’s even? Be sure to check back with us tomorrow for a full update on the new goodies Apple has to offer.…

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