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Seven Ways to Up Your Spring Break Social Media Game

Let’s be honest. No matter where you go on spring break, every possible photo op has been done to death. If you’re looking to set yourself apart from the crowd creatively, you’re going to need to include some new tactics into your repertoire. Here are seven ways to set your social media game on fire during your next vacation. 1.) Elevate your photography, literally. One way to set your vacation photos apart…

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Abt Exclusive

Canon Powershot N: It’s Hip to Be Square

Canon Powershot N offers a new form factor, Creative Mode filters and Wi-Fi connectivity CES 2013—Our guys went hands-on at the Canon booth to bring us a look at the radical new Canon Powershot N pocket camera. Canon bucked tradition and dropped the traditional rectangular, right-handed design that nearly all modern cameras employ, and instead created an all-new symmetrical, ambidextrous form factor. The first thing we noticed about the Canon Powershot N,…

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Facegram Insta-Backlash: Foreshadowing for the Future of Social media?

Are web giants like Facebook exempt from the same polices of major brick-and-mortar corporations? Can they just spend a googleplex (Google’s new number for how much cash they have) of dollars on each competitor to make sure they remain the social king? Sarah Perez of posted a great commentary on the social backlash that has followed Facebook’s billion dollar acquisition of the popular photography app Instagram. With all the insta-hipsters, as…

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