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IL Appliance Rebate Part Two – September 24

Are you ready for Round 2? Here at Abt, we definitely are! For one day only (Friday, September 24th), you can be one of thousands of IL residents to use part of the remaining $3 million in stimulus funds. Illinois residents can receive 15% instantly (up to $250 per category) on Energy-Star qualified appliances. Just like the Cash for Appliances Day in April, this money is given out first come, first serve.…

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Abt's Frequently Asked Questions

I recently spoke to the internet sales specialists at Abt, and I asked them what customers most frequently asked when they called in…I was surprised to hear that they all received the same questions repeatedly. So, I thought I would take a minute to post the most commonly asked questions and an answer to them. Most Frequently Asked Questions: 1. Do you price match? Yes, Abt price matches with authorized dealers of…

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Did You Know? Part 2

Did you know that the majority of cell phones have Bluetooth technology? Kevin R., Abt internet sales specialist tells me, “That’s important in the state of Illinois because it’s illegal to talk on a phone while driving. You can have the phone on speakerphone but that isn’t really isn’t hands free when you’re holding the phone up to your chin.” This is true not only in Illinois, but also as more states…

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