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Cyber Monday Numbers Are In: Sales Up 33% Over Last Year

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Researchers at IBM Benchmark cites an increase of online sales from 2010 by 33% this Cyber Monday.

As mentioned earlier in this blog, on the rise of Black Friday sales on cellular phones, Cyber Monday was no different.  The report also found that about 8% of sales were made on a mobile device as compared to 2.25% in the same period last year. Over 80 percent of retailers said that they were planning to offer Cyber Monday promotions, the Associated Press reported, and 123 million American shoppers planned to check out the Monday deals.

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One Step Closer to An Uncontrollable Robo Army

Friday, August 19th, 2011

As if humans haven’t gotten enough of being proverbially slapped by intelligent robots, computer manufacturer and researcher IBM has created a microchip that mimics the brain functions of humans.  You read that correctly.  According to IBM, “inside the (human) brain, information is processed in parallel, and computation and memory are entwined”…”The IBM researchers have built and tested two demonstration chips that store and process information in a way that mimics a natural nervous system. ”  This means that computers will be able store information by “learning it”, such as image recognition, map discoveries, problem solving, etc.


It’s nice we have inventions and new technologies that are able to cater to our human needs and desires.  Music on iPods, information on computers, entertainment on TVs, or even vacuums that selflessly clean up after our filth, are all enjoyments of life.  But that’s because they do what we tell them what to do.   If they start thinking for themselves, well then they might realize what I do to my printer when it isn’t working properly.  I blame IBM if in a few months Terminators from the future come to wreak havoc on our planet.  And not the good Terminator.  The nasty Arnold Terminator from the first movie…You know which one I mean.

“I’ll be hiding under your bed.”




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