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The HP Emperium 65 PC Gaming Monitor is Here

Anyone who’s ever taken a stroll through our showroom knows that we often have some pretty crazy products on display—the kind of stuff you probably won’t see at any other appliance or electronics retailer. You know, things like the World’s Largest Pac-Man, or an 85-inch 8K QLED TV. This week, we added another droolworthy bit of gear to the floor: the HP Omen Emperium 65 BFGD. The HP Emperium 65 BFGD (get…

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Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide: Star Wars Fanatic

The universe is experiencing Star Wars fever like perhaps never before, and with good reason. Over the weekend, the newest film in the galactic saga, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, recorded the second highest-grossing opening weekend of all time (number one is The Force Awakens, the previous film in this trilogy). Critics and fans alike have hailed it as the best entry in the franchise—which might be tough to accept for those…

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Learning Center Products

Which Computer Do You Need For School?

It’s that time of year again, summer is winding down and the return of the school year is just around the corner.  All students know to have the essentials ready: a backpack, writing supplies, and books. But there’s one school supply everyone loves to have: a new computer.  Here at Abt Electronics we have a large supply of laptops, desktops and computer accessories in our Connect store.  To make shopping a bit…

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Events News

CES 2010 Kicks Off Tonight With Ballmer's Keynote Address

Tomorrow is the official start of the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Many people will arrive today to get a head start on viewing all the greatest new consumer electronics. Some of the newest technology has already been leaked. Here are a few of the new products that you should check out. iHome is revealing the iP2. It’s an iPod docking station perfect for a kitchen. With a 50-watt amp…

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