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5 Home Network Tips for Your Smart Tech

Smart technology can transform your home into a convenient and powerful space, where you can control your appliances and gadgets with a few taps of a screen. However, to reach that level, you’ll also need a robust home network. This network connects all your smart tech, giving it the power to operate at all times with strong signals. These five steps will help you achieve the best home network setup for your…

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The Connected Data Transporter Drive: Like Cloud Storage, But Better

Ever wish you could have your important files escorted across the internet by a rough-and-tumble English rogue in a high-performance European sedan, ensuring they get to a safe, secure destination? If you’re like me, you sure have. Data storage on “The Cloud” continues to grow in popularity, but many people are nervous about reliability and privacy of cloud-based storage, not to mention recurring storage fees. And that’s where the Connected Data Transporter…

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