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Experience the Magic of a Truly Smart Home with Control4 Home Automation

Abt Control4 Demo Room

Come “C4 Yourself” what’s possible with Control4 home automation Over the last few years, home automation has gone from sci-fi to practically standard equipment on new homes. And with hundreds of companies making smart electronics and appliances, it’s never been easier or more affordable to integrate intelligent, automated products into your living space. Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant give users a range of interaction options. But when there are so many solutions,…

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Building the Ultimate Smart Home with URC

The name Universal Remote Control may stir up images of a slim device built to control both your TV and your Blu-ray player, but many users don’t know the full capabilities of URC’s product line. With the new Total Control 2.0 system, URC goes beyond the family room to put a premium level of whole-house automation and control in the palm of your hand—or just about anywhere else that would be convenient.…

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What Is the Internet of Things?

We’re all familiar with the Internet, which connects our computers, smartphones and tablets to others around the world—it’s how you’re reading this blog right now. But lately, you may have been hearing more about the Internet of Things, a concept that’s been steadily gaining buzz over the last few years. What is the Internet of Things? That’s what we’re here to learn today. If the Internet connects computers to each other and…

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