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Save 20% off Wusthof Products at Abt!

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Wusthof, makers of the incredibly strong, resilient and efficient cutlery is now 20% off at Abt Electronics until 12/9.  Now is the perfect time to own a set of some of the best knives on the market.

Designed and created in Solingen Germany, the Wusthof knife collection is the perfect holiday gift for the special someone who loves to cook!  Shop our Gourmet Shop for the complete line of Wusthof items, as well as some other great holiday items for your kitchen!

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Extra Super Bowl Goodies at Our Gourmet Shop

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

The Big Game is upon us in just a few hours.  If you need to get a few extras for your Super Bowl party, stop by Abt. Visit our Gourmet Shop in our Atrium and get some extras to help you serve your favorite dip, chips, hot wings, mini burgers and more!


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What Is "Sous-Vide"?

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Sous Vide at Abt

Do not let the complex sound of the word “sous-vide” scare you off. The French word for “under vacuum,” in the cooking world it means to slow-cook raw food for extended periods of time at low temperatures, but it is nothing like a “slow cooker”.

Simply put, sous-vide cooking employs the use of vacuum sealed plastic pouches, submerged in temperatures below the boiling point (usually between 104°F to 190°F), and kept for over 24 hours. This unique slow-cooking technique is used to marinate and cure foods by using pressure to steep flavors into foods with the vacuum packing process. The sous-vide cooking method cooks food evenly throughout; so boneless chicken breasts are silky; carrots are tender and sweet and retain their bright color; lamb is delivered smoothly textured, and evenly rare and flavorful with a subtle, light taste. Just clamp it on a stock pot or a large container and tough cuts of meat like beef chuck are transformed into meat as tender as a boneless steak cut from the tenderloin of beef.

Cooking with the sous-vide is a fool proof way of cooking, and it’s great for making large meals ahead of time to be stored in the freezer for future use. With the holidays right around the corner there is no better time to buy. Abt currently carries the PolyScience Sous Vide Cooking Kit and other accessories.  For more information, stop by our Gourmet Shop today.

-Donna B. & Simone S.

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Adventures of the Cookie Girls

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Weekends at Abt are filled with customers, bargains, and the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies. Each weekend, Abt’s famous cookie kitchen is staffed with the cookie girls who give our customers warm cookies and coffee, all with a smile.

I stopped by the cookie kitchen on Saturday to talk to the cookie girls, Maria and Nicole. Little did I know that they would have lots of interesting stories about their experiences as the cookie mavens.

Based on all of the interesting stories from the cookie girls, I thought I would create the cookie girls’ top five list of experiences.

5. A younger customer came in and liked the cookie girls and the idea of making cookies so much that he spent an hour “helping” in our cookie kitchen.
4. A few of the customers have brought baggies to make sure they had cookies for home.
3. Some customers visit every weekend for the delicious cookies.
2. Some of the adult customers have been caught taking cookies directly from the cookie sheet — and have all been lucky not to burn their hands.
1. The cookie girls talk to Abt customers while they are making cookies. One rainy day, a cookie girl noticed one of the customer’s umbrellas and mentioned she forgot hers at home. The customer then offered to come back at the end of her shift and escort her to her car.

Come meet the cookie girls and have yummy chocolate chip cookies each Saturday and Sunday from 11:30am to 6pm. Who doesn’t love a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie?

Kelly B.

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Gourmet Gift Ideas

Friday, December 18th, 2009

The gourmet shop at Abt is a great place to stop for last-minute gift ideas. It’s not just for kitchen accessories. We have anything you could imagine, from kitchen tools for kids to kitchen electrics for the most discriminating chef.

Do you need a gift for a wine connoisseur? Right now we have Waring Wine Chillers for just $80, including shipping.

How about a gift for someone that loves to bake? All of the Kitchen Aid stand mixer accessories have a 20% rebate, just in time for Christmas cookie season!

Do you need a gift idea for someone going green? We have the Sodastream Starter Kit for $129. The kit is environmentally friendly, uses no electricity or batteries, and the bottles are reusable. Richie P., from the gourmet shop, says the Sodastream is good for kids too. She says, “It’s easy to control sugar intake when you are making your own soda.”

Looking for more ideas for a foodie, contact Rebecca or anyone else in the gourmet shop, they’re always here to help!

-Kelly B.

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