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Google Nexus 7 Will Kill The Fakers

Before I started writing about this stuff I sold all of it, not at Abt, but I sold it all – computers, televisions, stereo systems, and every other home electronic on the shelf. This included the shockingly large amount of sub-standard tablets that, being priced under $100, attracted a lot of attention, and consequently, a lot of returns.…

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Google Glasses: Ugly friend or ugly foe? Either way they are still ugly. posted today about the potential upcoming release of Google’s new augmented reality glasses. Basically, from what we’ve gathered from the video (below) is that the glasses have all the functions of a smart phone but are displayed directly to your line of sight and can be navigated and commanded using your voice. If you can look passed…

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Google Play is…

As consumers, we are forced to accept “new” products as the latest and greatest but the truth is, a few hardware upgrades and higher resolution don’t exactly constitute true innovation. I digress, but seriously, remember when the iPad first surfaced? It was something we had never seen before, it changed the way we do business, communicate, and interact…

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The CES 2012 Attendance Numbers Are In!

This year’s 2012 International CES was the largest in the event’s 44-year history, with a record numbers of attendees, exhibitors and show floor space, according to its owner and producer, the Consumer Electronics Association. Initially the figures are projected at 153,000, including more than 34,000 international visitors, according to CEA, which conducts an independent audit of attendance at…

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