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Best Gifts for the Traveler

Plane in blue sky with pink clouds with the words "gifts for the traveler"

  This holiday season, we’ve found the best gifts for the traveler in your life. Our list includes cameras that will help your loved one document every exciting memory and a photo printer that will allow them to preserve a hard copy of these memories as well as travel accessories that will help make it easy and more fun to jet off at a moment’s notice.    Focal Bathys Wireless Headphones: Give your…

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Abt Exclusive Video Games

Best Gifts for a Gamer

Video game controller on a screen beside the text gifts for the gamer

In search of the best gifts for a gamer in your life? The holiday season is approaching fast, and that means it’s time to get your gifts ready before they’re snagged off the shelves. This goes double for video game consoles and other gaming equipment. Constricted supply chains and high demand always leave shelves empty for the holiday season. If you’re looking for the best gifts for a gamer you love, act…

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Abt Exclusive

Gifts for the Music Lover

Record and record cover. Record cover has the words Gifts for Music Lovers

This season, give your favorite music lover a gift they’ll truly appreciate. Our experts have compiled a list of gifts for the music lover with some of the most high-quality, popular sound systems on the market. Present your opera aficionado with a speaker that allows them to hear the richness of a baritone’s deep bass voice and the clear high notes of a soprano. Alternatively, if your friend loves to blast their tunes,…

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Abt Exclusive Products

Best Gifts for Cooks at Abt

This holiday season, we’re sharing our best gifts for cooks. Chances are you know a passionate home chef or baker that would love something to make cooking easier or more enjoyable. On the other hand, maybe they’re looking to add a new skill in the kitchen. No matter what your loved one is looking for, you can find them a great gift at Abt. We’ve rounded up our top 6 best gifts…

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Gifts for the Movie Lover

The holiday season is in full swing and our gift guides are still going strong. Today we’re highlighting gifts for the movie lover including everything they need for a great movie night.  From cinematic sound quality to movie theater snacks at home, our guide to gifts for the movie lover covers all kinds of viewers. Most importantly, these gifts will add a heavy dose of holiday magic to your friend or family…

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Abt Exclusive Watches and Fashion

Gifts For The Traveler

Best Traveling Gifts at Abt

Whether the journey involves flying, driving, hopping a train or piloting a boat, there’s nothing better than travel. And while it’s always better to be home for the holidays, some folks are just made to wander. Make sure they’re ready to jet-set ahead of their next journey with the best traveling gifts you can find. Simple necessities always include toothbrushes, neck pillows and comfortable slippers, but it’s time to go above and…

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Fitness Products

Gifts for the Fitness Lover

fitness equipment

  Welcome back to another holiday 2021 gift guide from Abt! Today we’re going to be sharing our top gifts for the fitness lover in your life. We have something for everyone, from the runner to the golfer to the person just trying to live a healthier life. Our guide includes stocking stuffers, huge surprises and everything in between. From outdoor runners to indoor fitness class lovers, you’ll find amazing gifts for…

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Kitchen Products

Gifts for the Bartender

gifts for the bartender banner

The holiday season is in full swing! Nothing says festive like a perfectly balanced cocktail. If you have an aspiring mixologist in your life, you need to check out our guide to gifts for the bartender. Today’s guide includes everything from mixing must-haves to fun gadgets to take their home bartending to the next level. Whether they love making drinks for everyone at the party or experimenting with unique ingredients, your loved…

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Abt Exclusive TVs & Electronics Video Games

Presents For Players: Gaming Gifts

Oculus quest

In search of gaming gifts that’ll make the player in your life happy this holiday season? Instead of getting lost in comparison charts and model numbers, come to the experts. Abt is ready with heavy-lifting PCs, laptops, controllers and other accessories perfect for anyone on your list. Whether you’re new to the world of action adventures or are a longtime player yourself, this digital world is expanding rapidly thanks to advancements in…

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Gifts for Dad

While every day is a good day to let your father know how much you love him, Father’s Day is an especially great one. But it can also be a difficult task, because dads are notoriously hard to shop for—we’ve all heard the jokes about ties, socks, and “World’s Best Dad” mugs. Sometimes, all you need is to be pointed in the right direction with some specific gift recommendations. Here’s a list…

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