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Refrigerator Buying Tips

Hello! It’s Tim again and I’m back with more green tips for you! Today, with the current heat level around here, I thought I’d talk about refrigerators.¬† After your HVAC system, your fridge uses the most energy of any appliance¬†in your home. When buying a new or replacement fridge, keep these things in mind: Buy an energy star…

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Abt Discusses Appliance Rebate Program on ABC7

Monday morning, ABC 7 News visited Abt to discuss the stimulus program for appliances, beginning Friday. Illinois received $12 million for Energy Star qualifying hot water heaters, central air conditioners, furnaces, and appliances. The rebate began for hot water heaters, central air conditioners, and furnaces on January 31st of this year. Half of the stimulus money has already…

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