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Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions with Abt

Breville Fountain Juicer Plus lifestyle shot

2022 has officially begun—have you made any New Year’s resolutions? The new year is a chance for a fresh start or to recommit to personal goals you might have lost track of in the midst of a crazy year. New Year’s resolutions come in many forms, whether you’re looking to get healthier, learn a new skill or something else altogether. No matter how you’re trying to better yourself in 2022, Abt is…

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The Best Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

With the average monthly gym membership ringing up for nearly $60 a month and exercise facilities becoming ever more crowded, it probably doesn’t surprise you to learn that home gyms are on the rise. Coupled with online fitness programs—which are easy to access from your phone, TV or even the screen on your treadmill—and wearable fitness devices, there are fewer things drawing the health-conscious into the traditional gym.  If you’re interested in…

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10 Easy Workouts to Do at Home This Winter

With the freezing cold air and piles of snow everywhere, it can be hard to get your recommended daily amount of exercise during the winter, even if you have a membership at the fanciest gym in town. Fighting the post-holiday crowds, dealing with dangerous roads, bundling up from head to toe—it doesn’t sound too appealing. At the same time, with things chilling out and our New Year’s resolutions in full swing, wintertime…

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Treadmill Specs to Consider

treadmill buying guide

Treadmills are popular because they’re easy to use and give you the ability to burn a significant number of calories, all from the comfort of your own home! You’re able to enjoy working out while watching television, listening to music, or even reading a book (for those that prefer walking at slower speeds). Before purchasing a piece of exercise equipment the size and cost of a treadmill, we recommend researching and becoming…

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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? Shop Abt to Stay Happy & Healthy!

Welcome to 2014! Now that the holidays are officially over, the new year has begun. For many people, a new year means new resolutions. Unfortunately, many lose sight of their resolutions within the first few weeks! Don’t let that happen to you. If your resolution is to live a happier, healthier life, Abt Electronics has what you need to look great and feel great. Feeling great comes with good exercise and a…

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Have You Kept Your New Years Resolution?

It’s February; have you kept your new years resolution? Two of the most common resolutions are to lose weight and work out. Abt can help you with one of those. Recently, Abt started carrying a LifeFitness and ProForm fitness equipment. Here are a few great reasons to come to Abt for your next fitness equipment purchase…. -Abt has been around for 74 years, you can count on us to be here if…

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