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3D Playstation 3 Games Now Available

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Today is a big day for Sony Playstation 3 owners and anyone who is planning to buy one. For the first time ever, PS3 is offering 3D games. The good news was revealed yesterday in Culver City, CA at conference focusing on the latest 3D technology.

Some of Sony’s top executives watched a presentation in 3D featuring 3D content from ESPN, the Discovery Channel, and Sony’s internal divisions. Some of the content included soon-to-be released 3D movies like Men in Black III, 3D Blu-ray movie content like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and some 3D video games like Gran Turismo 5, WipEout and MLB The Show 10.

Sony’s own, CEO and President, Sir Howard Stringer, commented on the quality of 3D on PS3, “When it comes to good versus mediocre 3D, you know the difference, Sony knows the difference. Good 3D is immersive, not jarring. It fuels the imagination and is easy to watch.”

If you are planning to purchase a new 3D or 3D-ready TV, now just might be the time. With the purchase of a Sony Bravia 3D TV, Sony is giving you four, 3D PS3 games and demos (rumored to be Super Stardust HD, WipEout HD, Pain, as well as the demo version of MotorStorm Pacific Rift); in addition, if you choose to register your TV, you will get a bonus voucher for two Blu-ray DVDs. The new Bravias are due to hit Abt’s shelves in July, so check back for more information on eligible 3D models and pricing.

-Kelly B.

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How Much Do You Love Cable?

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Currently, cable, satellite, and Telecomm providers have more than 100 million TV subscribers even with the 800,000 customers who have left their cable providers. Alternatively, consumers are using web-based videos like Hulu, downloadable programming from web sites like iTunes, DVD subscription services like Blockbuster On-Line, and lastly, plain, old, basic cable via external antenna.

Make no mistake; the number of cable, satellite, and Telecomm subscribers dwarfs the number of those who have recently decided to opt for an alternative. It’s estimated; by the end of 2011 the 800,000 will double. As it stands those who have cut the cord, so to speak, only make up one percent of the TV viewing population.

Leaving a cable provider still has a few downfalls, even if it sounds like a seemingly good idea. There are some specialty channels only available on cable, like 24-hour cooking channels, children’s programming, and ESPN. Sure, there’s a limited number of sporting events on basic cable or on-line, likewise with cooking channels and kid-shows, like The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, but when it comes to live sports, concerts, or Monday Night Football, you will be out of luck.

Is the freedom of programming worth the cable bill? Do you think that it will force a change in cable cost? What do you think?

-Kelly B.

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Abe Explains 3D TV on NBC

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Tune in to NBC tonight at 5pm. Abe A., custom audio and video specialist will be answering all your 3D TV questions. This is the first year that TV programming and movies are available in your home, so there are a lot of unanswered questions about the new technology.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about 3D TV:

Q: If I buy a 3D TV today, can I watch 3D movies tonight?
A: You will need to have a 3D Blu-ray player, a 3D-ready HDMI cable, and 3D glasses to watch a 3D movie.

Q: How much will 3D TVs cost?
A: They will be in the same price range as other HD LCD TVs, HD LED, and HD plasma TVs.

Q: Can I watch TV in 3D?
A: ESPN is the first network to offer 3D programming; it will be available sometime in 2010.

Q: Will all the movies that I want to watch be in 3D?
A: There are 10-15 movies slated to be released in 3D Blu-ray by the end of 2010.

Q: What sizes are 3D TVs?
A: Currently, they are available in sizes ranging from 40″-65″.

Q: Does everyone have to wear the 3D glasses?
A: Yes. Without the glasses the movie will look blurry. You will not be able to view the movie or programming.

Q: Do the glasses come with the TV?
A: Not necessarily. Some manufacturers offer bundle deals. But they are normally sold separately.

Q: How much do the glasses cost?
A: The glasses range in price from $179-$249 each.

Q: Are all the glasses the same?
A: No. There are two types of 3D glasses, active and passive. The active glasses will connect to your TV via Bluetooth and require batteries while the passive glasses will be similar to the 3D glasses with one red lens and one blue or cyan lens.

Q: Can I use the HDMI cable that I have now for a new 3D TV?
A: There is a 50/50 chance that you can. If you have a high-quality HDMI 1.3 cable then you might be able to use it. 3D TVs and Blu-ray players require HDMI 1.4 cables. Unfortunately the only way to know for sure is to test the cable by plugging it in.

Abt has a Samsung 46″ 3D TV on display in the showroom. For more information on 3D technology speak with an audio visual specialist at Abt today.

-Kelly B.

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3D ESPN Channel Coming Soon

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Have you ever wanted to see a Bears game in 3D? Would you want to? Well, it might be a reality soon enough. ESPN is launching the first 3D TV station June 11.

The first broadcast will be a FIFA World Cup soccer match between South Africa and Mexico. ESPN also announced they will show 85 games, including the World Cup match, over the next 12 months. Games will include college football games including national championship games, college basketball, and ESPN’s Summer X Games. What will be next? The Cubs or Bears in 3D—will you tune in?

-Kelly B.

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