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SmartGlass vs. WiiU: The battle of the second screen

Today is third day of E3 2012 and the past two days have revealed some exciting innovation in the world of video games. Not only have we seen some amazing game releases that I couldn’t be more excited for *cough* Watch Dogs *cough* Dishonored *cough* but, we have seen a big focus on casual gaming and second screen technology from both Nintendo with their WiiU and Microsoft’s SmartGlass but, what are they…

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The PSP Vita Has Emerged

The long-awaited sequel to the PlayStation Portable was announced by Sony during their E3 Expo press conference. Showing off a 5-inch multi-touch organic light-emitting diode (OLED) as the front display and a unique multi-touch pad on the rear. There are two analog sticks to enable a wider range of game genres. Combine that with the front touch screen and the rear touchpad, PS Vita offers new gameplay, enabling entirely new experiences. Sony…

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