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3D Printing Dinosaurs!!

We’ve spoken before about 3D printing such as the Epson 3D printer and how the creators of the film ParaNorman used a 3D printer to create models of characters and scenery. recently did a story on Paleoartist Tyler Keillor who has been designing and sculpting realistic clay dinosaur heads for museums and universities. His next project — an exacting replica of a full Dryptosaurus built entirely as a 3-D digital object.  He created Kickstarter…

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Microsoft’s OmniTouch: The Future Arrives in the Palm of Your Hand

I got a text from my friend Crawford the other day and he said, “Check out the OmniTouch. The future is here.”  I did and was thoroughly impressed.  If you haven’t’ seen it, Microsoft and XBOX’s partner, Kinect, had researchers combine a Kinect sensor with a projector to expand the possibilities for interactive screens. A new prototype can transform a notebook into a notebook computer, a wall into an interactive display, and…

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