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Clean up your home after the weather dissipates

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

We wrote earlier about how to survive nasty weather like the East Coast is facing with Hurricane Sandy.  Once Mother Nature is done showing off her wrath, it’s time to clean up.  here at Abt, we have an extensive collection of tools needed to get your home back to the way it was.

Dehumidifiers are great for eliminating moisture in the air.  They will prevent mold growth and have a variety of features such as automatic shut off and huge capacities.  Visit our dehumidifier buying guide for help in getting the right one.

Fans are a great when looking to dry a room after it has been flooded.  While a dehumidifier is an excellent way to get the most moisture out of the air, a fan will get the job done quickly.  If you are looking for more power in your fan, look into getting air movers that offer more power and more air circulation.

Shop Vacs are necessary when eliminating water from a basement or other section of the house.  With incredible speed and accuracy you can suck up water from floors, or furniture.  They are even good at eliminating solids as well.


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Abt’s dehumidifiers help you and your home recoup from soggy weather

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

If you’re from the Chicagoland area, you are familiar with the recent rainstorms we’ve been facing,.  After many weeks of vritually no rain, Mother Nature came back with a vengeance.  Home’s basements have been feeling the revirbirations and only recently have people finished getting rid of rain water in their homes.  While all the water may be gone, the damage can continue to get worse.  Protect your home with a dehumidifier from Abt.

A sump pump, a mop, or even a proper working drain can do a great job at eliminating water from your basement.  The problem is that any water that accumulates has the potential to seep into walls, flooring or even furniture.  No matter how hard you try to get rid of it, there will still be traces of water, which could lead to sogginess and ultimately, lead to mold.  Stop it where it starts with a good dehumidifier.  Check out Abt’s dehumidifier buying guide to find what’s right for you.

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Beat the Heat at Abt

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

A recent heat wave here in the Chicagoland area was a harsh reminder for the upcoming summer for us Chicagoan’s. In preparation for a hot and sunny summer Abt has air conditioners and dehumidifiers on sale! Choose from window, portable, central and more, also don’t forget a dehumidifier to save your home from all those muggy nights.

Start shopping home solutions now.

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