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Wayne Celebrates 34 Years at Abt!

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Today, Jon and Ricky Abt, along with a about a hundred employees, were proud to celebrate one of Abt’s long-standing employees, Wayne Tolzien. He celebrated his 34th anniversary with the company today.



Both Wayne and Ricky spoke for a few minutes about some fond memories of the past 34 years before enjoying some delicious celebration cake from a nearby bakery.



-Kelly B.

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Monday, May 17th, 2010

Thanks to award winning customer service, pre- and post-sales support, as well as our 74 years of honest to goodness hard work, Abt is an accredited Better Business Bureau online business.
You can trust to be here for you throughout every step of your purchase. We will be here to answer questions, fulfill warranties, and provide technical support for the life of your appliances and electronics.

Abt is a long-standing Better Business Bureau member and Billy Abt is also a veteran BBB board member.

-Kelly B.

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One Customer's Experience At Abt

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Ryan Deutsch, vice president, emerging media, for StrongMail Systems, made his way to Abt on April 16th to buy a microwave—an appliance he thought was part of the appliance rebate program from the government. He quickly realized that April 16th was not an ordinary day at Abt.

He shared his experience on his blog. To read the story, click here.

If you have a story about your experience at Abt, I want to hear it! Submit your story by leaving a comment at the end of the blog!

-Kelly B.

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Lights, Camera, and Bold Chat

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Abt’s employees work 24 hours a day to keep day-to-day operations running at the high standards set by generations of the Abt family. Most day employees arrive between 3-9am, although employees come and go all day and night long.

Thursday began like most, with one major exception, at 8:30am Ross Haskell, the director of marketing at Bold Software, and a production crew came in to spend the day taping a video for the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) 2010.

The IRCE is a conference where internet retailers convene to learn from each other over a four-day period each June. This year both Jon Abt and Ross Haskell will be speaking for a conference session to discuss software that has become a lifeline of our customer’s internet retail experience. Bold Software created BoldChat, a technology responsible for giving our customers the ability to speak with a customer service or sales specialists live on-line regarding anything from product specs to tracking info to sales quotes.

BoldChat is a managed communication tool, which provides customers live human contact over the internet, in the form of a chat, which is similar to texing or emailing with the instant gratification of an immediate expert response from Abt’s highly-trained staff.

In a world full of automation, customers appreciate the person-to-person contact attainable because of BoldChat sessions. Abt has grown into the largest single-store retailer in the country, thanks to uncompromised values like customer service, as seen in the store’s motto, “The answer is always yes to any reasonable request.” BoldChat gives Abt another outlet to serve customers in every aspect of the sales process.

During the long day of filming, Jon Abt along with customers, and staff did interviews about their experience using BoldChat. The consensus was BoldChat has become a tool that Abt can’t live without. Customers appreciate the versatility of being able to speak with a sales or customer service specialist while multi-tasking. It is so flexible that consumers in every demographic can use BoldChat.
Customers are parents, students, at work, or just have so much going on that they don’t have time to be on the phone. The overwhelming customer response to the question, “what do you like most about BoldChat?” was the ability to pose a question and walk away from the computer, knowing upon their return, an expert response would be waiting for them.

customer service personnel can answer questions and include links to products, shipper’s websites, or even spec sheets on a manufacturer website. The best feature of Bold-Chatting, according to our staff, is their ability to provide unparalleled customer service and assist multiple customers at the same time.

Jon, Abt’s co-president, is hands on with the internet sales division of Abt. He is always willing to jump in and assist sales or customer service staff with answering phones and questions on BoldChat. The internet division of Abt sales has been around for 13 years. Since 1999, BoldChat has been an essential component of our service. Jon believes that BoldChat is an enhancement that has made it even easier than ever before to get answers to questions, as simple or complex as they may be.

Abt’s staff, who utilize BoldChat daily, believe that the ways to assist customers seem endless. Just about any questions a customer could ask on the phone, staff can easily answer over on a BoldChat. Both sales and

Constantly changing to meet our customer’s ever-evolving needs is a top priority and thanks to BoldChat, we are able to help customers in yet another effective and personal way. At Abt, customer needs come first, and thanks to BoldChat we can offer even better customer service than ever before!

-Kelly B.

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Thank You From Abt

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Thank you, Abt customers.

Because you gave feedback using Bizrate and Shopzilla surveys for your purchases, Abt won the BizRate 2009 Circle of Excellence award. “It’s quite humbling that our customers have taken the time to acknowledge our commitment to overall , a goal of ours since 1936,” Jon Abt. Out of five thousand companies in the BizRate Research network, Abt ranked in the top 3%.

Customers rated our performance in seven areas:
-Overall Satisfaction at the point-of-sale
-Product Selection at the point-of-sale
-Ease of Finding Products on the website
-Intent to buy from the same retailer again (collected after the order was received)
-Product Met Expectations (collected after the order was received)
-On-time Delivery of the order
Customer Support assistance

So, thank you again. Abt will continue to strive for your satisfaction with every purchase.

-Kelly B.

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Kids Ruled the Day at Abt

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009 Abt Electronics hosted our 6th Kids Day, and what a success it was! The turn out was amazing. We scheduled the event from 12-4 with crafts and goodies planned for all who attended. According to Cari Boyk, the Customer Service Manager the event drew over 160 kids from all over the area. She said we ran out of goodie bags by 3:30. For the next event we can only plan to have more on hand! Kids enjoyed drawing, crafting, and snacking with employees from the Glenview library and Abt.

Event participants even got the chance to enjoy some of our kid-sized leather recliners when they wanted to sit back and enjoy some of the books on hand. If you missed Kids Day this time… Don’t worry, there’s always next year. It will be better than ever!

-Kelly B.

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