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Adventures of the Cookie Girls

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Weekends at Abt are filled with customers, bargains, and the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies. Each weekend, Abt’s famous cookie kitchen is staffed with the cookie girls who give our customers warm cookies and coffee, all with a smile.

I stopped by the cookie kitchen on Saturday to talk to the cookie girls, Maria and Nicole. Little did I know that they would have lots of interesting stories about their experiences as the cookie mavens.

Based on all of the interesting stories from the cookie girls, I thought I would create the cookie girls’ top five list of experiences.

5. A younger customer came in and liked the cookie girls and the idea of making cookies so much that he spent an hour “helping” in our cookie kitchen.
4. A few of the customers have brought baggies to make sure they had cookies for home.
3. Some customers visit every weekend for the delicious cookies.
2. Some of the adult customers have been caught taking cookies directly from the cookie sheet — and have all been lucky not to burn their hands.
1. The cookie girls talk to Abt customers while they are making cookies. One rainy day, a cookie girl noticed one of the customer’s umbrellas and mentioned she forgot hers at home. The customer then offered to come back at the end of her shift and escort her to her car.

Come meet the cookie girls and have yummy chocolate chip cookies each Saturday and Sunday from 11:30am to 6pm. Who doesn’t love a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie?

Kelly B.

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Touch the Sky at Abt

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Abt’s flight simulator is a treat on weekends—just like the cookies from our world famous cookie kitchen. The greatest part, the flight simulator can be turned on during the week too.

Abe A., one of Abt’s custom audio and video sales specialists, told me all about the flight simulator. He had a great perspective, considering he’s a pilot. He’s not the only pilot that uses the simulator. Commercial pilots come in with their kids and have fun flying the different courses that are offered. Seven courses are available to fly; the Oshkosh Air Show is a favorite of kids on weekends. Abe says that when flying Oshkosh, the plane races a truck with a jet engine. Kids love to race the truck. Scenic Hawaii, Red Bull Time Trials, Cargo Run, Jet Truck Drag Race, Swiss Outing, and On Approach are the other course offerings.

This simulator is so realistic it even downloads weather updates every 15 minutes for the area where the plane is flying. Fly anything from a Boeing 737 to a Cessna 172 Sky Hawk—and don’t be afraid to crash—you won’t! The crash mode is turned off.

The flight simulator is the same one used by aviation schools to train entry level students. Microsoft’s Flight Simulator FSX is projected onto a 207” screen from a Sony 4K Projector. The screen has an awesome 4,000,000 pixels of resolution. The computer running the program is made by Alienware.

Come on down to the custom audio department and try the simulator out for yourself. If it’s not on, don’t be shy, ask any Abt sales specialist to turn it on for you.

-Kelly B.

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