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5 Ways to Clean Your PC for Improved Performance

Spring Clean your PC for National Clean Out Your Computer Day We’re nearing the point in the year when it’s time to start thinking about cleaning up around the house. But while you’re making plans to clean out the garage and downsize your belongings, consider doing some virtual cleaning as well. Today is National Clean Out Your Computer Day, a reminder to be proactive with the organization of your computer. Keeping your…

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Windows 8 at Abt Electronics

Out with the old, in with the new. That’s definitely something Windows users are familiar with. This time around, the newest incarnation, Windows 8 is catering to a faster, touch-related crowd. Our Connect store representative Jay Irwin gave me the details on what to expect with the new operating system. Windows 8 is already on display and accessible on two computers we have in our Connect Store. “There are two big differences…

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Need A New Laptop? Abt Has The Perfect One For You!

I could not believe it until I actually saw it. The Toshiba Protégé R700-S1321 is the most impressive laptop that I have seen in years.  With its 13.3-inch screen that still lets me keep an optical drive but yet does not sacrifice battery and power, and best yet boasts about an 8 plus hour battery, and includes Windows 7 Professional, or a free downgrade to Windows XP. What could be better? Well…

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Connect Better With Abt Connect Techs

Did you know that not only does Abt sell computers & computer accessories, but we also offer a full array of services for your new or existing computer? We offer 2 start-up packages for your new computer to help you get going right away. Our Connect Techs can install software, operating systems, hardware, and upgrades to personalize your computer. Need a wireless network in your house? We can do that for you…

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