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Protect You Computer

Imagine this: You have been infected with 183 viruses and I want $100 for my program to remove it.  But wait, you did not download anything or ask for any computer information informing you of that.  You even realize that you already have an anti-virus software installed.  How did you get on my computer?  This is called Scareware…

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Logitech Security Cameras

Have you ever wondered what is going on in your house when you are not home?  Well I wondered the same thing, but not anymore.  I recently purchased a Logitech Alert outdoor camera system for my home.  I just wanted to see what my dogs were doing outside at night and not have to worry about other animals…

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So Long, Windows XP

Where were you on October 25th 2001?  Well if you are like me and the numerous other people I asked, you probably don’t remember.  On October 25th 2001, Microsoft released the operating system Windows XP.  Windows XP just celebrated its 9th birthday, and even after 9 years, this is the operating system of choice for many major businesses…

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