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Stay Safe With A Hard Drive Backup

Last night I got a call from a good friend of mine who sounded frantic on the other end. She explained to me that the computer she uses every day in her college courses started making this strange noise. There was a constant “clicking” sound coming from her hard drive every time the unit would boot up. The computer would not even make it to the home screen.  Being experienced with computers…

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Need A New Laptop? Abt Has The Perfect One For You!

I could not believe it until I actually saw it. The Toshiba Protégé R700-S1321 is the most impressive laptop that I have seen in years.  With its 13.3-inch screen that still lets me keep an optical drive but yet does not sacrifice battery and power, and best yet boasts about an 8 plus hour battery, and includes Windows 7 Professional, or a free downgrade to Windows XP. What could be better? Well…

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