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CES 2019 Recap

CES 2019

After a whirlwind week of checking out the industry’s hottest upcoming products, another year at CES is in the bag. We were able to get close looks at over a hundred new products from our favorite brands—some of these products were futuristic concepts, and some will be in our showroom next month. Missed out on the show but…

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CES 2019 Internet of Things

CES 2019: Nanoleaf Canvas Lights and Remote

nanoleaf canvas

If you’ve ever been to our Glenview showroom, you’ve probably seen Nanoleaf lights in action. These dancing flat-panel lights hang in the Atrium and the Apple Store, hypnotically changing colors in a preset pattern or synced to music. With a modular nature that makes for nearly infinite design combos, they’re a great decorative accent—especially for a game room.…

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CES 2019 Computers

CES 2019: MSI PS63 Modern Laptop

Long battery life, powerful components, and a premium design could make the MSI PS63 Modern the new Macbook Pro killer. While MSI is best-known for their PC components and gaming gear, they’ve recently set their sights on the high-end laptop market. We took a look at the new MSI PS63 Modern laptop, the latest entry to their Prestige…

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CES 2019 Computers

CES 2019: MSI PC Gaming Gear

We continued our exploration of the most drool-worthy PC gaming gear at CES by stopping by the MSI booth. In a sea of RGB-imbued peripherals, everything catches your eye, but a big monitor and a small PC are a couple of the new gaming products that stood out to us the most. The new MSI Optix MPG341CQR gaming…

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CES 2019 Computers TVs & Electronics

CES 2019: Tidy Up Your Space With Samsung’s Lifestyle TVs & Monitors

For the past few years, the KonMari method of organizing has been gaining popularity. Thanks to a new show on Netflix, founder Marie Kondo can spread her message of gathering your belongings and only keeping things that spark joy to a whole new audience. This mindset has managed to help countless people declutter their lives and their spaces…

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CES 2019 Photography

CES 2019: Lexar 1TB SDXC Card

We’ve seen prototypes at this size before, but this Lexar 1TB SDXC card will earn the title of “World’s First 1TB SD Card” when it hits the market early this year. The growth of high-megapixel cameras like the Sony A7RIII, and the march towards ultra-high-resolution displays like the 8K TVs we’ve seen at CES are both driving the…

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