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Abt Exclusive CES 2016 Fitness

CES 2016: FitBit Blaze Fitness Watch

In the world of fitness, Fitbit is recognized as one of the most popular fitness tracking devices out there. This week at CES, the company unveiled its brand new FitBit Blaze – their second fitness watch to date. The Blaze is much different from what we are used to seeing from the brand and this year Fitbit has managed to deliver a Smartwatch that can compete in not only tech, but style…

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Abt Exclusive CES 2016

CES 2016: HYDRAO Smart Shower Head

When it comes to taking a shower, many of us do not realize how much water we actually consume on a daily basis. A simple ten minute shower can eat up to 50 gallons of water, which according to the AWE (Alliance for Water Efficiency) is considered to be “wasteful”. At CES 2016, we’ve discovered a nifty tool created to track water usage in order to help conserve it and in turn…

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Abt Exclusive CES 2016 Internet of Things

CES 2016: HAIRMAX LaserBand 82

While at CES 2016 our team stumbled upon the HAIRMAX LaserBand 82, a revolutionary new hair growth solution. This product stimulates hair to grow faster and easier, resulting in normalized hair growth cycles. How it works, the HAIRMAX LaserBand 82 is placed on ones scalp for 90 seconds. Starting with the front, the user places the LaserBand 82 on their scalp for 30 seconds, then places it on the middle of their…

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