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CES 2017: New Products from Belkin

Belkin has long been one of the top names in technology accessories, creating products that make it easier to use your tablet, computer, smartphone or other devices. At CES Unveiled, we got a closer look at some of their new accessories for 2017. While the selection was iPhone-heavy, Belkin does also have non-iOS options for most of these accessories in the pipeline. While it may seem like there’s only so much innovation a company can…

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Belkin N600 Router Firsthand

I just set up the New Belkin N600DB router at my house the other day and I have to tell you I was a little skeptical about the promises that were made to me. Well, here’s what I will tell you about the N600DB. First of all, the router was the easiest router I have ever setup ever:  I just opened the box and plugged it in. The router already had the…

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