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Samsung 8K TV QN800A Series Overview

Samsung 8k TV Review

Samsung 8K TV QN800A Series Overview When 8K TVs first hit the market, they were priced at an incredibly cost-exclusive rate, and it could be tough to justify shelling out over ten thousand dollars for what seemed like just a few extra pixels. Everything changes with Samsung’s new lineup of 8K TVs. Samsung has made strides to bring their QN800 Series down to earth with a much more realistic price point for…

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Events TVs & Electronics

Samsung Q900 QLED 8K Launch Event

Last month, the groundbreaking Samsung Q900 QLED 8K TV quietly hit our showroom floor. The set was the industry’s first commercially-available 8K TV, and Abt was one of the few places in the country that you could see it. With four times the detail of a 4K TV, and clocking in at a whopping 85 inches, the Q900 display was one of the most popular products on display. To mark the release…

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TVs & Electronics

8K TV is Here

It was just about six years ago that everyone in the industry was heralding the arrival of the newest revolutionary display standard: 4K resolution. 4K promised unprecedented levels of image quality with a picture that was drastically clearer and more detailed than any TV available at the time, a leap that hadn’t been seen since the move from standard definition to high definition. And it delivered. 4K quickly grew in popularity and…

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Home Theater TVs & Electronics

Get Your New TV Before the Big Game

We’ve got just about 48 hours until kickoff, but if you’re in the Chicagoland area, that’s still plenty of time to get your new TV! With 120 different models in stock, you can find the perfect TV and leave with it on the same day. Worried that a ginormous new TV won’t fit in your vehicle? Purchase by 2 p.m. Saturday and we’ll deliver it that day. Looking for some TV suggestions?…

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CES 2019 Home Theater TVs & Electronics

CES 2019: LG 8K TVs

LG’s sprawling CES booth was a visual feast, outfitted with dozens of dazzling digital displays. Among the multitude of screens we found confirmation that 8K resolution has officially arrived, as we got up-close with two different market-ready LG 8K TVs. The LG OLED Z9 8K TV is, as its name implies, an OLED TV sporting the new resolution. Built as if answering a challenge to create the best TV possible with today’s…

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CES 2018 Home Theater

CES 2018: Sony X1 Ultimate Processor and 8K TV

Wandering through the exhibition space at CES is an exercise in trying to determine what is real and what is fantasy (in addition to just being exercise, period). Everywhere you look, someone is showing off a new technology that just seems too good to be true, that there’s no behind-the-scenes trickery making possible such great sound or such a stunning picture. Of course, if we’ve learned anything in our years in this…

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