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Stix Project Brings Style and Comfort to 3D Glasses

The Stix Project is still in the development stages but it’s still the problem-solving innovation we crave and need as consumers. Raise your hand if you wear glasses. Ok, now keep your hand up if you hate going to see a 3D movie in the theaters because: You have to wear an extra set of specs or…. Have to wear contacts to be comfortable. Those with your hands still proudly raised will…

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Disney's First 3D Blu-ray…

Disney, the industry leader in 3D movies, unbelievably won’t be releasing their first 3D Blu-ray until the fall of 2010. What will the first movie be? Shockingly, A Christmas Carol. Not quite what I would expect from the first 3D Blu-ray.  I guess I was expecting something more along the lines of Up or Toy Story 3. A Christmas Carol is the first of many great 3D Blu-ray releases to come. -Kelly…

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