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Tablet vs. Laptop: Which is Right For You?

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For most students, the school year has begun. With that, you may be looking for new devices for relaxing between classes or doing homework easier. Having the right tech at your fingertips enables you to do your best work possible for better grades, more efficiency and less stress. Tablet vs. laptop, which is best for you? Depending on your classes and your lifestyle, one of these devices may be better for you than another. We’re breaking down the pros and cons so you can choose between a tablet vs. laptop.

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If You Type a Lot: Laptop

If you’re in classes that require a lot of writing, like English or history, you’re probably better off with a laptop. Having a physical keyboard makes it easier to type faster so you can focus on writing well. While you can purchase keyboards that attach to a tablet either via USB or Bluetooth, it’s an additional cost and not all of these accessories work well. In the battle of tablet vs. laptop, laptop wins this one.

If You’re On the Go: Tablet

If you’re someone who constantly takes your work on the go, it’s probably best that you opt for a tablet. These gadgets are incredibly easy to tuck into a tote, backpack or even your purse so you can work from anywhere. While most new laptops are designed to be lighter and thinner, they still won’t be as light or as small as a tablet. Tablets are also great for downloading streaming apps so you can take a break between projects if you’re on the train or an airplane. 

If You Need More Storage: Laptop

If you’re studying music, photography, graphic design or a similar field, you’ll need a lot of space on your device. With their larger size, laptops can easily offer exceptional hard drive capacity, with some models featuring 1 Terabyte of storage. Larger file sizes such as audio files or image files take up more room, making laptops an ideal choice for those in creative fields. Though tablets are beginning to catch up in storage capacity, laptops still come out ahead.

If You’re on a Budget: Tablet

If budget constraints affect your purchase decision, you can still snag a great device with the latest features like 4K video recording or all-day battery life. There are so many great tablets available under $1,000 (with some as low as around $300!). While there are budget-friendly laptops available, it often means sacrificing speed and performance. Keep your wallet happy and go for a tablet instead.

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Going back to school should be exciting, not stressful. With the right products, you’ll be able to tackle important assignments as easily as you binge watch your favorite show. Hopefully it’s now easier for you to decide which device is a better fit for your school style. Of course, Abt’s tech selection has the best, newest models from top brands like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft, so you’ll find something great no matter what. We have everything you need to succeed, whether you’re in high school or going off to college. Be sure to check out all the great tech we have at our Glenview store or online.

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