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Smart Tech to Prepare Your Home for the Summer

Summer Tech Samsung The Freestyle Projector

Smart homes are the houses of the future thanks to their ease of operation. While relying on technology may seem scary to some people, it actually exists to make lives easier. Summertime is a season of relaxation, so why should you worry about doing everything on your own? Since you’ll be so busy with other activities, it’s okay to get a little help from smart devices to control certain aspects of your house. You can also rely on smart home components to keep your house safe, both when you’re out of town and when you’re inside of it.

Check out these smart devices that will help you be the coolest home on the block this summer — both when you’re at home and out of town on vacation.

1. Smart Thermometer

Weber iGrill 3 at Abt

Smart thermometers like the Weber iGrill 3 change the way you look at grilling. If you have to juggle multiple tasks while grilling outdoors, the smart thermometer can help take the worries of grilling off of you. These kinds of thermometers connect to an app, which can notify you when your meat has been perfectly cooked to your desired color.

It’s convenient if you need to step away from the grill to take care of children or mingle with dinner guests. This way, you’ll never have to guess whether your meat is ready. It can absolutely transform your cookouts this summer.

2. Smart Projector

Samsung freestyle projector

You can bring “the big screen” to your home with a smart projector like The Freestyle by Samsung. Smart projectors can project any movie or TV show onto a surface of your choice. The best part of a smart projector is that it functions similarly to a smart TV.

You can still access all your favorite streaming sites and other apps on your projector – all you need is a blank wall or another space to project onto. Smart projectors are a great way to bring all the streaming options to your household without paying for multiple smart TVs. Plus, it means you can have your streaming apps wherever you go so long as there’s Wi-Fi connectivity.

3. Security Camera

Google Nest Camera

Security cameras like this Google Nest version are a great way to give you peace of mind when you’re away from home. They can warn you whenever they detect motion, and many allow you to talk through them to anyone who may be visiting your home – welcome or unwelcome.

Surveillance cameras reduce the prevalence of crimes and can thwart would-be criminals’ plans to burglarize a place. If you’re worried about the security of your home, putting up a camera that allows you to view its footage from anywhere is one of the best decisions you can make.

4. Wi-Fi-Enabled Window Air Conditioner

LG Smart Air Conditioner for Windows

Summertime usually means hot weather, and anyone who lives in a warm climate can tell you that working air conditioning is a must-have. Just because your home may not have central air conditioning doesn’t mean you need to count out the window units. Some window models like this LG window unit can cool around 450 square feet or more of space, making them the most valuable devices in hot weather.

If you’re worried about your Wi-Fi reaching all areas of your house, consider switching to mesh Wi-Fi. This type of whole-home Wi-Fi system ensures internet connectivity reaches every corner of your home by utilizing the nodes placed throughout various rooms.

5. Smart Outlet

Phillips Hue Smart Plug

A smart outlet (or single plug, like this one by Phillips) is the easiest way to control lights – especially if you’re using them for seasonal decorations. You can name it something distinctive and then all you need to do is control the outlet or power strip from your phone or pair it with your smart assistant to turn off everything that’s connected.

A smart outlet or power strip will save you money on your energy bills, too. It’s probably because they make it so easy to turn things off when you’re not using them.

6. Smart Locks

Smart locks are a great way to ensure the safety of your home while you’re away. You no longer have to worry about losing your keys or having too many copies floating around. With a smart lock, you can give certain people access – indefinitely or only for a limited time – using a unique code.

Smart locks are great if you have someone coming in to watch your house, pets, or
plants while you’re on vacation. Plus, they can help you feel a lot safer when you’re far
away from home.

Upgrade Your Home This Summer

Summer is supposed to be free of worries. You don’t need to fret about doing all of the work because these smart devices make it easier for you to spend more time with the people you love. Whether you’re hosting a cookout, leaving on vacation, or simply trying not to melt away in the heat, upgrading your home to include these smart tech gadgets can level up your life in an extreme way.

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