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Your Summer Hiking Essentials from Abt


Summer is finally in the air and it’s time to get out to enjoy the wonderful weather. Hiking is one of the best summer activities, getting you outside with your family and friends to places that you have never seen before—or even back to your favorite destinations. Not only is hiking a great way to enjoy the warm summer weather, it’s also great exercise that will burn calories and increase your fitness level. But before you go, make sure you’re prepared with all of the right hiking essentials. Abt now carries a great selection of Patagonia backpacks that make the perfect companion for whatever your summer hiking adventures entail. Patagonia has become nearly synonymous with the outdoors, offering many great products for your outdoor needs. No matter the type of hiking you prefer, Abt’s selection of Patagonia backpacks has you covered. Abt carries various totes, backpacks and other Patagonia products that make the perfect addition to your hikes.


Long Hikes

patagonia no tagIf you love long all-day hikes then the Patagonia Black Hole Backpack 32L is a great bag for you. Made with durable water resistant fabrics that feature a TPU-film laminate finish, it’s sure to keep all of your belongings safe. This backpack is well deserving of its Black Hole name—when you open it up you will realize that it offers nearly endless space that will surely fit anything you need. It offers room for all of the snacks and extra clothing you may need for wherever your adventure takes you. The bag also features many little nooks and crannies that are perfect to store your sunglasses, camera, or anything else you may need.  

Fishing Adventures

For fishing adventures there is no better backpack than the Patagonia 28L Stormfront Pack. This bag is simply made for fishing. Whether you are boating around or hiking to your secret fishing spot, the Stormfront Pack is the ideal bag for you. You need a bag that allows you to fish in any weather conditions and the Stormfront is exactly that. The 100% waterproof construction, reinforced with waterproof zippers, will let you fish in the nicest weather or the heaviest of rains. No matter what nature brings, all the items you bring will surely be protected, there is no need to worry. While you are moving from spot to spot you can store your fishing pole(s) in the rod tube holders that are on the front of the bag so you don’t have to carry it while you are walking around.

Short Destination Hikes

When you are just looking to enjoy your summer weekends outdoors with a quick destination or picnic hike, the Patagonia Travel Tote is perfect. This bag is perfect for holding all of the blankets, food and extra items that you would need to bring along on a short adventure. You’ll have plenty of room for everything you need. You can carry it as a handbag or as a backpack, whichever way is more comfortable for you. There are also two additional external pockets that make the perfect storage space for water bottles.

Extra Essentials

A backpack isn’t the only thing you need for your summer hiking adventures. Abt carries many more product that are perfect additions to bring along with your backpack. patagonia-7Patagonia also offers travel accessories such as hip packs, which are great for keeping your extra little belongings easily accessible without taking up much space.  Other items include one of our various smartwatches will help you track your heart rate, how far you’ve walked, calories burned and much more while you are hiking. Abt also carries many insulated water bottles that you will be able to fill up to keep you hydrated. Headphones are also a great addition to your hiking trip so you can listen to music while you are out on long hikes to keep you focused and entertained. You will surely have all of your basic needs covered for your next hiking trip.

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