Summer Grilling Doesn't Get Much Better

Weber Summit 670 Grill

Summer’s here and the time is right for grilling in my suburban back yard. I smile every time I think about Abt and how much pleasure my Weber Summit grill brings me at the start of every spring. I realize that many people grill out year round, but it’s our family ritual to take apart my Weber and give it a thorough cleaning to prep it for the long warm season ahead. That’s when the Copper River Salmon start running and the grill starts cooking. My wife says I’m part bear because I so look forward to salmon season every year. And, even though they’re not grilled, the blueberries are not far behind.

Thanks Abt for providing me and my family the seasonal joy of preparing my Summit propane grill in time for the running of the salmon. I’ll prepare chicken and chops at times as well, but it’s that Copper River that keeps me and the clan smiling in springtime.

-David S.

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