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Storing Wine and the Importance of a Wine Refrigerator

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A wine refrigerator is a must for the serious wine enthusiast. Not only can fine wine be a significant investment, it requires care and attention to some basic details: the three most important factors to consider in wine storage are temperature, light, and humidity. So celebrate #NationalWineDay with us and learn some useful facts while you’re at it. Alright, let’s get started!

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The temperature at which a wine is stored and that at which it is served differ but both are important to the overall finish, character, and quality of your wine. The temperature for storing wine is a range between 45 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit with differences in between for specific types based on the chemistry involved in the fermentation and aging processes. The average temperature for storing wine however is around 55 degrees. One of the important elements of the temperature besides the ideal number is the stability. Keeping a consistent temperature that is a couple of degrees off would be less damaging than frequent fluctuations in temperature and this is why a wine refrigerator makes so much sense; constancy in temperature. The wine refrigerator as opposed to the common kitchen appliance is made to keep a steady temperature and is opened far less so there is more consistency in the overall temperature.

wine bottle temperature


The amount of light is also important because of the chemical properties and reactions of wine. The fermentation of fine wine is a process by which the flavor is produced through these chemical reactions and light can disturb this process. This is why so many wines are bottled in colored glass containers and why a wine refrigerator is more practical in safeguarding your investment.

light effects on wine storage


The humidity of the storage area is important as well. Too little humidity and the cork can dry out letting in air and spoiling the wine. Too much humidity can cause mold, ruining beautiful labels. A wine refrigerator is designed for the purpose of not only creating a stable temperature for your wine choices, but also a more suitable environment overall.

wine bottle humidity

There are other solutions to your wine storage issues besides a wine refrigerator; if you are a collector of expensive and rare wines, a professional storage facility will likely be your choice. This is of course the most expensive of choices other than having a professional grade wine storage facility built in your home. For most wine lovers however the far more practical and affordable option is a wine refrigerator.

Here’s a more detailed chart on which wines are best at which temperatures, along with what foods they pair with best.

wine and food chart

To reiterate; wine refrigerators are a better option for storing wine than a standard kitchen refrigerator because the typical kitchen refrigerator is designed to keep a variety of things both cold and dry while the wine refrigerator is designed to keep a steady atmosphere for your wine. The optimal temperature for a standard refrigerator is between 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit, which is far colder than the ideal temperature range for most wines which is 55 degrees.  The storage needs of wines include both temperature and humidity for the specific variety and vintage. Another important factor is that vibrations can disrupt the aging process in wine. Standard refrigerators use a compressor that results in consistent vibrations causing the sediment in the wine to be disturbed. The standard kitchen refrigerator is opened and closed often more than a dozen times a day. Even if these are quick grabs for water the air temperature and moisture in the kitchen can cause temperature fluctuations inside the refrigerator of two or three degrees or more. A wine refrigerator or wine cooler is specifically for wine and will be opened far less often so the temperature will be more consistent.

When you consider these things, a wine refrigerator is a clear choice to maintaining the flavor experience for you and your guests. Check out our full selection of Wine Refrigerators available at Abt today and happy #NationalWineDay to all the wine-enthusiasts out there! We also have a variety of different Wine Accessories, just in case you’re looking for any wine bottle openers, stoppers, or foil cutters!

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