Stix Project Brings Style and Comfort to 3D Glasses

The Stix Project is still in the development stages but it’s still the problem-solving innovation we crave and need as consumers. Raise your hand if you wear glasses. Ok, now keep your hand up if you hate going to see a 3D movie in the theaters because:

  1. You have to wear an extra set of specs or….
  2. Have to wear contacts to be comfortable.

Those with your hands still proudly raised will love this awesome solution.

Designers Lucy Jung and Daejin Ahn have crafted the simpliest of all solutions. Peel the stickers off the plastic, and presto, your glasses become 3D glasses just like the ones in the theater. After the flick, peel them off and go back to your normal four-eyed ways. Pretty cool huh? No word yet on how much these stickers will cost, or if you will need to apply new stickers every use but assuming they have already considered that problem hipster, geek, nerd, and stunna’ shades alike will be rocking 3D capability in no time.

Side note: Yanko Design has some really cool ideas and products for lovers of functional design. Check them out and tell us which ones you like best!…/04/16/sticker-3d-vision

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