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Sony’s New Camcorders

Sony’s latest HD camcorders are available for pre-order on The CX300 and XR 350 have the G-Series lens; Eric S. in small electronics tells me that they are especially good in low light.

They also have a new feature for golfers, the “golf shot.” The “golf shot” will record your swing, usually about two seconds, and then break it down into 22 image frames.

The CX550, CX350V, DCR-SR88, DCR-SR68, and the XR550V are also HD but with different lens options and no “golf shot” function. The CX350 even has a built-in GPS and map.

Two new Standard Definition Sony camcorders are available now in the store and on-line, the DCR-SX63 and the DCR-SX44 while the DCR-SX83 is available for pre-order.

“Many of the new Sonys can record video and take still photos at the same time. And the CX series are 1080p, unlike the Cannon line which is 1080i,” said Eric.

-Kelly B.

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