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Sony’s Marketing Techniques Get Unique

With what seems to be an over-saturated market for tablets, Sony is preparing consumers for their version of the popular, portable electronics device coming out in Q4 with ominous commercials. Sony is no stranger to unique advertisements, but one has to ask; when does unique advertising become too flashy?

In early June, Sony released a commercial ominously introducing their tablet. I was intrigued by the single-shot, “Mouse Trap” look-a-like and even was hypnotized by machine’s every move. I like it. I was interested in what Sony had to bring to the table. Watch below.

The ominous commercial was interesting as a stand alone, however Sony released what is now dubbed the “Second Episode” of their initial release. With the arrival of the “Second Episode”, there will apparently be three more, completing a five part series.

Will consumers be lured by this marketing technique, or will Sony end up finally releasing their tablet to the world, only to have consumers give them a collective sigh of boredom? Only time will tell.

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