Sony Elevates Its Home Theater Receivers

Three new audio/video receivers have been released, courtesy of Sony, that are designed for upscale home theater set-ups. These receivers are part of Sony’s ES (or “Elevated Standard”) lineup and offer features such as automatic speaker calibration, lossless audio decoding for Blu-ray movies, video upscaling to 1080p high-definition output, and Sirius and XM satellite radio compatibility.

The STRDA2400ES ($799) and the STRDA3400ES ($999) models are 7.1 channel receivers with 100-watt power amplifiers and four HDMI inputs. The 3400ES adds a 12-volt trigger, IR repeater, and high-definition video distribution to a second zone. The STRDA4400ES ($1499) also is a 7.1 channel receiver, but it packs a 120-watt power amplifier along with six HDMI inputs, high-definition video distribution to a second zone, and audio distribution to three zones.

Sony STRDA4400ES receiver

Sony STRDA4400ES

All three models employ an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). The 2400ES has a basic icon-driven graphical interface, while the 3400ES and 4400ES feature Sony’s Cross Media Bar-style (XMB) graphical interface, much like the GUI found on the PSP and PS3 video-game consoles and newer Sony TVs.

“Companies are listening to consumers’ demands for easy set-up and easy integration of their audio/video components,” says Abt audio buyer Jim Kozicki, who attended Sony’s recent dealer conference in Quebec City. “Sony is trying to create a family of products that will pull all the worlds of entertainment together and simplify people’s lives. The GUI on these new receivers will make the audio/video experience easier for consumers to navigate.”

To see all the Sony products available at Abt, visit the Sony Store located in our Atrium area or click here to shop online. —by Graham W.

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