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Meet the Sonos Sub Mini Subwoofer

a black Sonos sub mini sits on the floor with a beige credenza to its left and a green potted plant to its right

Introducing the Sonos Sub Mini, the latest offering from the audio experts at Sonos. As the name suggests, their newest device is a conveniently compact subwoofer. Despite its diminutive size, this device delivers surprisingly rich, clear and balanced bass tones. Like every product Sonos releases, this subwoofer is designed to work in harmony with the rest of the brand’s lineup to create a stunning whole-home audio setup. Connect it to your home WiFi to sync with the rest of the system. Setup is simple, too, thanks to the Sonos app. Trust us, you’ll love it.

Upgrade Your Home Theater with Sonos Sub Mini

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Having rich, balanced audio is key to the best entertainment experience possible. Sub Mini pairs perfectly with the Sonos Beam or Sonos Ray so you can enjoy movies, TV shows and even video games with high-quality sound. Instead of installing an entire home theater system in your walls or ceilings, simply pair this subwoofer with a great soundbar. This is another instance wherein Sub Mini’s compact size comes in handy, as you can keep it close to the rest of your home theater equipment while still keeping it out of your direct line of vision. Even if you place it close to the wall, its Trueplay™ technology adapts the bass tones to the room’s acoustics for the clearest sound possible.

Perfect for Chilling with Music

white Sonos sub mini on the floor next to an armchair. We see the grey-socked feet of the person sitting in the chair

Of course, movies aren’t the only way you can enjoy the newest launch from Sonos. The Sonos Sub Mini is also great for listening to music of all genres. Adjusting the volume on your soundbar will also adjust on the subwoofer, meaning you’ll always enjoy balanced sound. When paired with the One or One SL, you’ll enjoy richer, more nuanced sound with high, medium and low tones.


We love how compact and portable this subwoofer is. It’s perfect for small to medium-sized rooms or apartments and at $429, it’s a surprisingly affordable way to majorly upgrade your home audio. The Sonos Sub Mini is available in black and white, just like the rest of their devices. That way, you can easily create a cohesive setup. It’s available for preorder starting September 20 and officially launches on October 6. Will you be adding this pint-sized sound powerhouse to your setup? Be sure to let us know.

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