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Sonos’ Secret Android Feature

Those familiar with Sonos’ line of wireless hi-fi music players can attest to the freedom and enjoyment that come along with owning a Sonos music system, but did you know that you could also extend your Wi-Fi network for even more control by connecting your Android phone to your Sonos network?

The release of Sonos Software 3.7 marked a major update to the Sonos Controllers for Mac and PC, but the team over at Sonos also through in a little extra surprise for you Android lovers. Users can connect their Android device to SonosNet, Sonos’ wireless mesh home network. No longer will your musical enjoyment be handicapped by the limited reach of your home Wi-Fi. Let your music free and bask in full, rich, clear, Sonos sound from anywhere in your location by following the simple steps below.

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Using your Android Controller for Sonos, navigate to the device’s settings.

  1. Select “Advanced Settings”
  2. Select “Connect to SonosNet”
  3. Press “Next”
  4. Toggle “Allow Connection” setting to “yes”
  5. Select “Done”

Note: This feature does not allow users to directly stream music from the Android device to the Sonos player. This feature also requires Android 2.1 and up, Sonos software 3.7, and a Sonos controller for Android 3.7.

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