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Sonos Roam Portable Speaker Now Available

Just over a month since being announced, the Sonos Roam has now hit our shelves. If you missed the announcement the first time around, here’s a quick rundown on the newest Sonos speaker.

The Roam is the brand’s smallest wireless speaker, and, after the Sonos Move, just the second Sonos speaker with a built-in battery for true portability. But, unlike the Move—which was more of a “take it from your living room to your backyard” outdoor speaker—the Roam is the first Sonos speaker that’s been purpose-built for an active, on-the-go lifestyle. 

Sonos Roam compared to Sonos One
The Roam is just a bit taller than the Sonos One, but much lighter and totally portable.

Sonos gave the Roam a rugged construction, built to handle the bumps and bruises that come with an outdoor lifestyle. An IP67 rating means that, in addition to it being dust-resistant, it can survive splashes, rain, or  an accidental dunk in the pool. With integrated Bluetooth connectivity, the Roam doesn’t need to be connected to a home network—which is a technical requirement found in most other Sonos speakers. The built-in battery promises up to 10 hours of run time, so you can listen for an entire day without plugging in.

And while the Sonos Roam thrives on road trips and at backyard parties, it’s also perfectly at home inside your home. It connects to your home network and plays nicely with your existing Sonos system. Precision acoustics give it a sound bigger than you’d expect from the compact form factor. And integrated voice functionality lets you use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri to control your smart home devices.

Sonos Roam speakers in black and white
The Roam is available in two finishes: Shadow Black and Lunar White.

Check out our hands-on overview of the Sonos Roam speaker to see Carl’s thoughts on it and learn whether it’s the right speaker for your lifestyle.

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