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Sonos Playbar: A Soundbar From the Wireless Music Experts

The Sonos Playbar integrates Sonos Play technology into a home theater soundbar

sonos Playbar

The Sonos Playbar mounts neatly on the wall, above or below your flat panel TV. Or simply place it on the stand below.

About ten years ago, Sonos set out to transform the way people listen to music in the digital era by removing one of the obstacles to getting music to multiple locations around the house: the wires. With a Sonos system, you could store your digital music files in one location, and listen to them anywhere else in the home with a wireless internet signal. Sonos Play devices can stream music from your smartphone or Wi-Fi enable computer; the Sonos Connect extended streaming abilities to a standard stereo receiver. With the introduction of the Sonos Playbar, this functionality has been integrated into the soundbar form factor. The result is a multi-function unit whose slim body hides large, immersive sound.

sonos playbar

The Sonos Playbar works like any traditional soundbar: position it on a stand or the wall under your TV, and it takes the place of your TV’s underpowered speakers. With just two cables (one for power, one optical connection to the TV) the Sonos Playbar is ready to, well, play. Six mid-range speakers and three tweeters render a full range of sounds, and the Playbar can wirelessly connect to a Sonos Sub if you need the super-deep bass.

playbar 3

Nine speakers, including two angled tweeters, help fill your room with immersive sound.

Of course, Sonos wasn’t going to be satisfied making just an ordinary soundbar. The Playbar also operates as a fully-functional standalone music player, even when the TV is off. Connect it to your computer or NAS device to access your entire music library. And with the free iPhone and Android apps, you can stream Pandora, Spotify or other music services from your smartphone directly to the Sonos Playbar.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that will improve the audio of your LCD or Plasma TV and allow you to play music from multiple outside sources, all while being easy to set-up, the Sonos Playbar is an excellent option. Plus, if you ever decide you’d like to expand your theater system to something more enveloping, the Playbar can sync with other Sonos Play speakers to create a true surround sound system. It will officially be available the first week of March, so keep your eyes on the blog or Abt’s website for word of its release.

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